About the Co-Founders

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Margo Herron
and her husband Eric Herron.

About the Elizabeth Institute Plastic Surgery in Medford Oregon and Ashland Oregon

About the Elizabeth Institute

A boutique practice partnering with patients, delivering the ultimate individualized care, achieving the highest level of results through progressive technology and techniques in a nurturing environment that values quality of life, family and community.

The Elizabeth Institute was founded by reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon Margo Herron and her husband Eric. The institute was named in tribute to Dr. Herron's mother, Mary Elizabeth, a caring and compassionate woman who was deeply involved in philanthropy and community involvement. The Herron's wish for their practice to be representative of those same characteristics.

Herron Family Herron Family Herron Family

When not assisting patients Eric and Margo enjoy spending time outdoors with their son Max. In particular they love to cycle, hike and take Max on runs through the park and the communities of Ashland.

Dr Margo Herron

Dr. Margo Herron: Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Margo's professional training took her to Indiana University for Medical School and then she attended Southern Illinois University in Springfield, Illinois for her six year residency in plastic surgery training.

Her desire is to help patients feel whole again through offering cosmetic, hand and reconstructive procedures that enhance the way her patients feel about themselves and improve their quality of life.