January’s Note From Margo

Jan 12, 2021

First off, I am going to keep this positive, despite the status of our state of the union. To be fair, I wrote most of this a few weeks ago, I came back to it recently to finish it off and reflect.
Wow, we made it to 2021! Can anyone believe it, I am sitting down while typing this, drinking a glass of bubbly in celebration of getting my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine! I was lucky enough to get vaccinated yesterday and I must tell you, I was tearful on the way to get the vaccine and elated on the way out. I was tearful because this year has been indescribable. Since March, I have been living in this state of uncertainty, fear, sadness, and hope. I have tried hard to focus on the hope aspect as its important to surround yourself with positive vibes in my opinion, you know, sort of make your own story and then go live it kind of thing. So, what is my story?
Well, we spent the holidays like years past, except without family and friends this year. We did a few nights up at the Green Springs Cabin (one of our favorite spots for summer/winter). Winter is super fun because of the snowpack up there. The access to the PCT is great for trail running in the snow (crunch crunch); and cross country skiing up there along the TID is gorgeous. The kids love it up there because of the outdoors, snowball making and snow man building.
Christmas was like years past.  I indulged in some cookies and a Kahlua and cream (so yummy) while Eric and I wrapped Christmas gifts for the kids watching my favorite Christmas movie of all time (Elf). We woke up the next morning around 6 or so and kids were up soon after. We unwrapped the gifts that had been wrapped for less than 8 hours, shared fun stories via Zoom with family and Cheers with mimosas to Christmas 2020😉 I elected to take a few days off this year around the holidays to rest and unwind which was much needed and much deserved I may add! So, the kids and I did some baking, took hikes, and played board games while Eric finished up some projects around the house. I also indulged in some Netflix and binge watched Emily in Paris!

New Year’s Eve was fantastic with a full day up on Mount Ashland. It was one of those days up there that you just cannot believe. You know the kind, 30ish degrees, fresh new snowpack, blue bird kind of day and no wind! It is the absolute best! The cherry on the top was one of my favorite girlfriends was up there too so we got to share some turns and then finish the day with an outdoor firepit and celebratory grapefruit mimosa! Are you sensing a theme here?
We like to celebrate East Coast New Years so the kids can enjoy and frankly so Eric and I can go to bed at a reasonable time😉. So, at 9pm PST (12am EST) we rang in the New Year with pots and pan banging and lots of joyful screaming!  I finished up the weekend with an early morning sunrise 4 hour run in which my dog picked up what I thought was a bone, and it was technically, except it was a fresh deer leg! That’s right! I was coming down from caterpillar trail and Louie (my dog) found a fresh deer leg that was cougar carnage! We got out of there fast and made it home; just in time to head back up to Mount Ashland for another day that wasn’t quite as clear as the previous one, but still enjoyable. 
A good girlfriend of mine gifted me the book, Untamed by Glennon Doyle. I finished it about 2 days ago. First, let me say, this book was right up there with Educated by Tara Westover and Michelle Obama’s book Becoming. It takes you to places that I have no doubt we have all been and all given space for in our lives. She talks about modesty versus humility, knowing your “buttons”, living with a sense of freedom, above all, the underlying theme was…”we can do hard things” people. Be a cheetah!
Happy New Year! Here’s to 2021!
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