November’s Note From Margo

Nov 19, 2020

It seems like October flew by before I even realized it was gone. The highlight of October for me was the trip to Truckee my family and I took. Eric’s brother has a low key cabin there; it is right smack in the heart of Truckee. It has amazing access to trails, lakes, and downtown Truckee. We were originally scheduled to be in Canada pre Covid, but obviously the border is closed, and we weren’t feeling much up to travel. So Truckee with family was a great option; we met Eric’s brother and his family in Truckee for a few days and did some great hikes, had a nice trip to Lake Tahoe, played Bananagrams, farkle (a dice game) and cooked super yummy dinners for our families!
I was able to run miles and miles on the PCT over in Truckee and that was also just so enjoyable because again I think about all the people that have traveled before me on this amazing trail!
Once we got back from that trip mid-October; we got right back into the mix of work and home schooling the kids. I have heard from lots of moms and the experiences those kids have had and mostly all the children yearning for in person school. Patients have asked me how my kids are doing, I would say honestly, they are fine, I mean they are really doing ok. They are lucky and privileged to have 2 parents that care about them and can advocate for them; it is the kids that do not have the privilege that mine do I am worried about. So, each day, I leave for work, the kids are on the computers zooming away and for the most part are happy.
Max had his second tennis tournament this month; luckily, my dad was in town to help. I was on call and the tournament was in Roseburg (when I signed him up, I did not realize I was on call). He lost his first match, won his second and defaulted his third. You may ask what happened in that last match?!! Well, I’ll give you the cliffs note version…my dad left in plenty of time to warm up Max just prior to the match. I got a call about 1 hour before the match and my very calm father informed me, the car he had taken had basically all but exploded on I-5 near Canyonville.  He was coming down a large hill when “all the lights” started flashing, including brake lights, the car started shaking and finally large amounts of smoke were escaping from the vehicle! So, he calmly pulled over on I-5 and found a sunny area, just in case. He and Max got out and began calling AAA and Eric. Eric was camping on the coast and AAA was not available. So, he called me! I was busy playing a card game with Eve at home; I tried to get my dad and Max a cab or an Uber and wasn’t able to get anyone to get him; so ultimately, Max had to forfeit his match and my dad was finally able to get in touch with AAA who picked they up on the side of I-5 just when the sun was going down about 5 hours after the car went off the road! By the time the tow truck picked them up and they arrived home safe and sound, they had a great story to share. I asked my dad what they did for 5 hours on the side of I-5, he said simply, “we just chatted and read the paper, Max read the comics, and I read the rest of it”. I should tell you now, my dad is a retired Emergency Medicine physician, so managing trauma, stress, emergency situations is just another day in the park for him.
Dr. Herron and her dad, Dr. Stevenson! 
The following weekend was less dramatic with Halloween! We celebrated Halloween with our camping “bubble” and my dad. We set up a treasure hunt at the recommendation of my friend; she carved 9 pumpkins for this hunt just prior to Halloween, you should know she also works fulltime and even a little extra than that with 2 kids and a husband! We followed this up with some Covid friendly trick or treating including some inventive use of PVC pipe! I will say I was quite impressed with my costume this year; I put it together in about 10 min at the pining of Max after I had on jeans and T-shirt and he complained 😉 
Finally, November came and with that some gorgeous fall weather which to means leaves changing, chilly runs, comfy sweaters, and super cute booties! I love fall!

I hope you are all taking the time and space you need to keep going; I know it’s tough and we are still living in these crazy uncertain times; but for me; I just reflect on how great life is and how lucky I am to wake up each day with 2 super cool kids, a supportive hardworking hubby and cuddly dog 😊 and if that’s not enough, I just ordered a case of Rose! Rose all day 😊