October’s Note From Margo 

Oct 1, 2021

We at Elizabeth Institute have undergone some changes in the last few months. A few shake ups we could say. After 10 years being in business; it’s only natural to experience change. I will tell you all about said changes over the next few newsletters; and watch our Instagram page for events to celebrate 10 years here! 
But first a recap of the last few months!
We celebrated May in a big way! Eric’s birthday lands in the first week of the month. This year we elected to make our inaugural trip to Big Sur. Neither of us had been to Big Sur, but it has always been on our bucket list. It did not disappoint. We celebrated his birthday in style in a treehouse on a beautiful, picturesque resort. We did what we do best, running, eating, talking, reminiscing and relaxing. We decided to make it a point to go back to this resort each year. I have Dr. Jensen to thank for the recommendation.
We planned to do a Lake Shasta trip with 2 other families in June 2020, our plans were voided as were most families plans in 2020. So, we rescheduled the trip for this year. We met up with a friend from my residency and her 2 kids as well as one of Eric’s friends and his 2 kids. Yes, that is 6 kids and 4 adults on 1 houseboat for 3 nights 4 days. Did I mention the temperature was in the 100s; oh, and our boat didn’t have functioning air conditioning? To make matters worse, Shasta Lake was the lowest it has been since 1978. On the first day there, Eric ruptured his ear drum. Apparently, he had ruptured it the day prior with a cutip(danger). But until he swam in the lake, he didn’t recognize the injury. By day 2 we were in the groove though. Max and Eve amongst the other tiny humans enjoyed wake surfing, tubing and swimming. Eric got to show off his slalom skiing skills and I got to show off my improved balance on a SUP. Despite the heat, we had a great time sharing old memories and new ones.
July brought a much needed 12 days off. We originally planned on traveling to Canada but with the border being closed, we switched gears (something we do well) and planned a tour of small mountain towns. We packed up Eric’s truck including 4 bikes, 2 kids, 2 adults, 4 tennis racquets and enough snacks to travel at least 5 hours. We started the trip in the Wallowa mountains near Joseph Oregon. There we enjoyed hiking, running, fishing and piglet cuddles. From the Wallowa Mountains we traveled about 13 hours to Big Sky Montana. The air was clearer which was appreciated and there were more running trails to enjoy. The first morning there, I had Eric grab me some bear spray as I don’t typically run with it, but apparently in Montana there are Grizzly Bears! I enjoyed 2 great runs on Beehive basin trail. I had no idea I was running right next to Justin Bieber’s new digs 😉 the kids were asking to attend a real-life Rodeo; we didn’t want to disappoint. I had not attended a rodeo in the past, I will say that it was entertaining to see how cowboys and cowgirls make a living. Full disclosure, Eric and I were amid the series Yellowstone, so we may have been a bit obsessed with all things Montana! We took an open cab truck to the summit of Lone Peak which was 11,166 feet. It was a bit smokey that day, but still worth the trip. A few days later we headed to Jackson Hole Wyoming for more running, biking, hiking and white-water rafting. The rafting was a highlight for sure. We rafted on the Gallatin river. We hit a few snags (AKA rocks) on the way down the river, but we made it through and overall was a super fun day! The following day we made the journey back to Ashland. I have to say I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a drive more than I did that day. We put on the book, The Best Land Under Heaven, the Donner Party. It was riveting I have to say! I find it fascinating the strength and resilience the different parties had traveling from the Midwest over to California/Oregon. My brother-in-law has a house in Truckee right on the trail where the Donner party was stranded for a few months. I was entertained for about 12 hours of the trip home listening to that book. I love reading but have motion sickness so I unless I want to vomit in the car, audio books are the way to go for me.

The family settled back into work and life for a few weeks before the kids started back at school and all the activities that follow. Max our 11-year-old is an environmental activist. He’s been asking for an electric bike for about a year now. So, we decided to give him some freedom; with Max paying for ½, we elected to purchase an electric commuter bike for him. He’s been traveling to and from school and tennis so far and doing great. So, if you see a kid with a green helmet biking up a hill, tell him to hurry up, his parents are waiting for him to get home:) Max just started 6th grade and Eve started 3rd grade. Eve’s newest thing is riding the bus to and from school without her big brother. She’s transitioning well so far. She is strong though, so she’ll get through it.

Then that brings me to September! I, like most people are disappointed we are ¾ the way through 2021 and Covid is still on all of our radars for one reason or another. I don’t intend to spend many lines sharing my thoughts on the subject but I will say this; I am so thankful to all my colleagues taking care of the huge influx of cases in our valley and risking their own lives and their family’s lives to take care of the sick. Treating patients during a pandemic isn’t on the itinerary when choosing to become a physician. We as physicians take the Hippocratic Oath when being admitted to medical school. I have read it many times, but while writing this newsletter, I read it again. The parts that ring most true right now are:
I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.
I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.
Louis Lasagna 1964