Skin Cancer Removal

There are three main types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. The most probable cause of skin cancer is sun exposure, however, genetics, tanning beds, immunosuppression, chemicals, chronic wounds and ulcers are some of the other causes.

Once a patient is diagnosed with a skin cancer generally it needs to be removed with surgery. After being removed there can be a hole where the cancer was excised and this would require reconstruction to fill the hole. The goal of the reconstruction is to make a natural, aesthetically pleasing scar and to camouflage any asymmetries that may be present because of the skin cancer excision.

Burn Reconstruction

Burn victims can develop thickened scars and contracted scars that may be treated with burn reconstruction.

Burn reconstruction surgery involves the use of skin grafts that can be taken from the patients themselves. In fact, typically patients who suffer 3rd degree burns have the area that has been burned excised and skin grafted, using their own skin.

Dr. Herron is comfortable with performing both the excision and the grafting and can answer any questions you have about the procedure.

Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction is a procedure to restore the breast contour in a woman who has either had a mastectomy previously or is about the undergo mastectomy by her general surgeon. The goal is to make the reconstructed breast as symmetrical as possible to the natural breast or to create 2 symmetrical breasts in patients that have undergone bilateral mastectomy.

Once the contour is in place, the nipple and areola are reconstructed at a second stage along with any revisions or matching procedures, such as reduction, lift or augmentation, on the opposite breast to improve symmetry. Occasionally the nipple and areola reconstruction is delayed to a third stage to maximize symmetry.

Patients should talk to their general surgeon about a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss options for breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction can be performed immediately (at time of mastectomy) or delayed (after mastectomy) depending on a number of factors. The decision between immediate and delayed can be discussed between you and Dr. Herron and together you can decide which is best for you.

Fat Injections

Fat injections are typically used to improve the contour of certain areas of the body that have some asymmetry from previous surgery. Fat injections can also be used to add fullness and improve contours on the breast.

The fat for the injections is harvested from your body – usually the thighs or the abdomen – and then injected into the desired location.